Fixtures for Sunday 16th December 2018

Under 7's Allen League

Frinton & Walton Blues v Brightlingsea Regents Reds

Bergholt Heath Reds v Colchester Villa Reds

Cornard Dynamos v Gas Recreation Youth

Spare Bures United

Under 7's Andrews League

Stanway Villa Blues v Wivenhoe Tempest Blues [To be played 15/12/18]

Colchester Villa Blues v Oyster Youth

Coggeshall Town v Stanway Rovers Reds

Spare Lawford Juniors

Under 7's Oakes League

Halstead Town Blues v FC Clacton Reds

Brightlingsea Regents Blues v Halstead Town Reds

Frinton & Walton Reds v Feering Falcons

Spare FC Clacton Yellows

Under 7's Weller League

FC Clacton Blues v Stanway Rovers Blues

Bergholt Heath Blues v Stanway Villa Reds

Wivenhoe Tempest Reds v Colchester Villa Yellows

Spare FC Clacton Whites

Under 8's Allen League

Stanway Rovers Whites v Little Oakley Reds

Gas Rec Youth Reds v FC Clacton Whites

Frinton & Walton Reds v Halstead Town Reds

Colchester Villa Reds v Layer Colts

Spare Coggeshall Town

Under 8's Andrews League

Cornard Dynamos Blues v Stanway Rovers Blues

Frinton & Walton Blues v Halstead Town Blues

Bures United v Stanway Villa Reds

FC Clacton Yellows v FC Clacton Blues

Spare Colchester Villa Blues

Under 8's Oakes League

Cornard Dynamos Yellows v Gas Rec Youth Blues

Cornard Dynamos Reds v Elmden Rovers

Harwich & Parkeston v Alresford Colne Rangers

Colchester Villa Whites v Boxted Lodgers

Spare Rowhedge Juniors

Under 8's Weller League

Little Oakley Blues v Stanway Villa Blues

Bergholt Heath v Wivenhoe Tempest Blues

FC Clacton Reds v Wivenhoe Tempest Reds

Colchester Villa Yellows Stanway Rovers Yellows

Stanway Rovers Reds v Stanway Villa Yellows

Under 9s Oakley

Brooklands  v Stanway Villa whites

Colchester Villa whites  v Colchester Villa reds

FC Clacton reds  v Wivenhoe Town

Elmden Rovers  v Halstead Town yellows

Under 9s Oakes

Feering Falcons  v FC Clacton blues

Reed Hall Sentinels   v Cornard Dynamos reds

Frinton & Walton blues  v Colchester Villa yellows

Oyster Youth  v Stanway Rovers yellows

Under 9s Weller

Gt.Bentley blues  v Layer Colts

Colchester Villa blues  v Gt.Bentley reds

Stanway Rovers blues  v Lawford Juniors blues

Wivenhoe Tempest reds  v Stanway Rovers

Under 9s Andrews

Lawford Juniors yellows  v Wivenhoe Tempest blues

Halstead Town blues  v Coggeshall Town

Stanway Villa blues   v Little Oakley blues

Holland FC blues   v Cornard Dynamos blues

Under 9s Allen

Lawford Juniors reds  v Holland FC reds

Little Oakley reds  v Frinton & Walton reds

Stanway Villa reds   v Stanway Rovers whites

Rowhedge Juniors reds  v Halstead Town reds

Under 10s Oakley

Frinton & Walton reds  v Colchester Villa reds

Reed Hall Sentinels  v Colchester Athletic

Brooklands reds  v Layer Colts reds

Frinton & Walton yellows  v Harwich & Parkeston blues

Under 10s Weller

Rowhedge Juniors blues  v FC Clacton blues

Feering Falcons blues  v Stanway Villa reds

Holland FC reds   v FC Clacton reds

Rowhedge Juniors reds  v Colchester Villa blues

Gas Rec Youth  v Cornard Dynamos reds

Under 10s Andrews

Stanway Villa yellows  v Holland FC blues

Eight Ash Green reds  v Stanway Rovers blues

Brightlingsea Regents reds   v Little Oakley blues

Eight Ash Green blues  v Stanway Villa blues

Frinton & Walton blues  v Brightlingsea Regents blues

Under 10s Allen

Coggeshall Town  v Little Oakley reds

Layer Colts blues  v Bures Utd

Lawford Juniors  v FC Clacton yellows

Harwich & Parkeston reds   v Bergholt Heath

Wivenhoe Town no game

Under 10s Oakes

Feering Falcons reds  v Stanway Rovers reds

Wivenhoe Tempest blues  v Cornard Dynamos blues

Halstead Town  v Gt.Bentley

Elmden Rovers  v Brooklands

Wivenhoe Tempest yellows  v Wivenhoe Tempest reds

Under 11s Trophy Event 2

Group A

Layer Colts v Holland FC Blues

Stanway Villa Reds v Stanway Villa Blues

Frinton & Walton Blues v Wivenhoe Tempest Reds

Group B

Wivenhoe Town v Wivenhoe Tempest Blues

Oyster Youth Blues v St Edmunds

Spare Stanway Rovers Blues

Group C

Colchester Villla Yellows v Colchester Villa Blues

Little Oakley Blues v Rowhedge Juniors Reds

Spare Notley Youth

Group D

Cornard Dynamos Reds v Brightlingsea Regents Blues

Coggeshall Town v FC Clacton Reds

Spare Feering Falcons Blues

Group E

Holland FC Reds v Great Bentley

Long Melford Colts v Boxted Lodgers

Feering Falcons Reds v Halstead Town Blues (reversed fixture)

Group F

Stanway Rovers Reds v Brightlingsea Regents Reds

Stanway Rovers Yellows v FC Clacton Blues

Colchester Villa Reds v Halstead Town Reds

Group G

Frinton & Walton Reds v Lawford Juniors

Reed Hall Sentinals v Harwich & Parkeston

Spare Little Oakley Reds

Under 12's A League

Little Oakley Blues v Stanway Villa Blues

Stanway Villa Reds v Halstead Town Blues

Stanway Rovers Blues v Layer Colts Blues

Cornard Dynamos Blues v Wivenhoe Tempest Blues

Harwich & Parkeston v Great Bentley Blues

Under 12's B League

Rowhedge Juniors Blues v Eight Ash Green Reds

Brooklands Blues v Bergholt Heath

Stanway Villa Whites v Holland FC

Long Melford v Frinton & Walton Blues

FC Clacton Blues v FC Clacton Reds

Under 12's C League

Cornard Dynamos Yellows v Rowhedge Juniors Reds (re-scheduled fixture)

Colchester Villa Blues v Halstead Town Reds (re-scheduled fixture)

Stanway Rovers Yellows v Stanway Rovers Reds (re-scheduled fixture)

Tiptree Jobserve v Little Oakley Reds

Spare Feering Falcons Blues and Reed Hall Sentinals

Under 12's D League

FC Clacton Yellows v Oyster Youth

Brooklands Reds v Feering Falcons Reds

Elmden Rovers v Wivenhoe Tempest Reds

Great Bentley Reds v Colchester Villa Reds

Wivenhoe Town v Cornard Dynamos Reds

Under 13s A League

Boxted Lodgers v Feering Falcons

Lawford Juniors Blues v Stanway Villa Blues [Revised Fixture]

Frinton & Walton v FC Clacton Blues

Wivenhoe Tempest Blues v Halstead Town Blues [Revised Fixture]

Eight Ash Green Blues v Stanway Villa Reds [Revised Fixture]

Colchester Villa Blues No Game

Under 13s B League

Stanway Rovers v FC Clacton Reds [Revised Fixture]

Holland FC v Coggeshall Town Blues [Revised Fixture]

Eight Ash Green Reds v Great Bradfords [Revised Fixture]

Colchester Villa Reds v Wivenhoe Tempest Reds [Revised Fixture]

Coggeshall Town Reds v Little Oakley [Revised Fixture]

Under 13s C League

Parkeston Welfare v Wivenhoe Town

Wivenhoe Tempest Yellows v Cornard Dynamos Reds

Reed Hall Sentinels v Rowhedge Juniors

St Edmunds v Halstead Town Yellows

Halstead Town Reds v Lawford Juniors Reds

Stanway Villa Whites Spare

Under 14s A League

Tiptree Jobserve blues  v Silver End [revised fixture]

Wivenhoe Town  v Eight Ash Green blues   

Stanway Villa reds   v Cornard Dynamos blues

Holland FC   v Harwich & Parkeston blues

Stanway Villa blues no game

Under 14s B League

Frinton & Walton blues  v Lawford Juniors [revised fixture]

Cornard Dynamos yellows  v Frinton & Walton reds

Stanway Rovers reds   v Elmden Rovers blues

Halstead Town blues  v Brightlingsea Regents

Reed Hall Sentinels no game

Under 14s C League

Alresford Colne Rangers  v Wivenhoe Tempest blues [revised fixture]

Brooklands   v Stanway Villa whites [revised fixture]

Colchester Villa blues  v FC Clacton [revised fixture]

Oyster Youth   v Cornard Dynamos reds

Bergholt Heath  v Tiptree Jobserve reds  


Under 15s A League

Colchester Villa blues  v Little Oakley

Tiptree Jobserve  v Elmden Rovers reds

Braintree Town  v Cornard Dynamos blues

Coggeshall Town   v Stanway Rovers

Stanway Villa blues   v Holland FC

Stanway Villa reds no game

Under 15s B League

Stanway Villa yellows   v Halstead Town blues

Feering Falcons  v Eight Ash Green  

Colchester Athletic reds   v Halstead Town reds

Colchester Athletic blues  v Cornard Dynamos reds

Harwich & Parkeston   v Frinton & Walton

Wivenhoe Tempest   v FC Clacton

Under 16s A League

Cornard Dynamos Blues v Coggeshall Town [Revised Fixture]

Layer Colts Blues v Halstead Town [Revised Fixture]

Boxted Lodgers v Little Oakley [Revised Fixture]

Wivenhoe Tempest Yellows Spare

Under 16s B League

Frinton & Walton Reds v Wivenhoe Town

Stanway Villa Whites v Frinton & Walton Blues

Long Melford v Lawford Juniors

Great Bentley v St Edmunds

Wivenhoe Tempest Whites Spare

Under 18s A League

Braintree Town  v Reed Hall Sentinels [revised fixture]

Little Oakley   v Silver End [revised fixture]

Colchester Athletic   v Gt.Bentley [revised fixture]

Stanway Rovers no game

Under 18s B League

Feering Falcons  v Stanway Rovers reds [revised fixture]

Colchester Villa   v Holland FC [revised fixture]

Halstead Town   v Wivenhoe Tempest reds [revised fixture ]

FC Clacton   v Wivenhoe Tempest blues [revised fixture]