Fixtures for Sunday 20th January 2019

Under 7's Allen League

Bergholt Heath Reds v Frinton & Walton Youth Blues

Colchester Villa Reds v Brightlingsea Regents Reds

Bures United v Cornard Dynamos

Spare Gas Recreation Youth

Under 7's Andrews League

Colchester Villa Blues v Stanway Villa Blues

Oyster Youth v Wivenhoe Tempest Blues

Lawford Juniors v Coggeshall Town

Spare Stanway Rovers Reds

Under 7's Oakes League

Brightlingsea Regents Blues v Halstead Town Blues

Halstead Town Reds v FC Clacton Reds

FC Clacton Yellows v Frinton & Walton Youth Reds

Spare Feering Falcons

Under 7's Weller League

Bergholt Heath Blues v FC Clacton Blues

Stanway Villa Reds v Stanway Rovers Blues

FC Clacton Whites v Wivenhoe Tempest Reds

Spare Colchester Villa Yellows

Under 8's Allen League

Little Oakley Reds v Colchester Villa Reds

FC Clacton Whites v Coggeshall Town

Gas Rec Youth Reds v Frinton & Walton Youth Reds

Stanway Rovers Whites v Layer Colts

Spare Halstead Town Reds

Under 8's Andrews League

Stanway Rovers Blues v FC Clacton Yellows

Halstead Town Blues v Colchester Villa Blues

Frinton & Walton Youth Blues v Bures United

Cornard Dynamos Blues v FC Clacton Blues

Spare Stanway Villa Reds

Under 8's Oakes League

Gas Rec Youth Blues v Colchester Villa Whites

Elmden Rovers v Rowhedge Juniors

Cornard Dynamos Reds v Harwich & Parkeston

Cornard Dynamos Yellows v Boxted Lodgers

Spare Alresford Colne Rangers

Under 8's Weller League

Stanway Villa Blues v Colchester Villa Yellows

Wivenhoe Tempest Blues v Stanway Villa Yellows

Bergholt Heath v FC Clacton Reds

Little Oakley Blues v Stanway Rovers Yellows

Stanway Rovers Reds v Wivenhoe Tempest Reds

Under 9s Trophy Event 2

Group A

Halstead Town blues  v Stanway Villa reds

Colchester Villa yellows  v Holland FC reds

Reed Hall spare

Group B

Stanway Villa blues  v Frinton & Walton blues

Stanway Villa whites   v Coggeshall Town

Stanway Rovers reds spare

Group C

FC Clacton blues   v Colchester Villa blues

Lawford Juniors blues   v Lawford Juniors yellows

Gt.Bentley reds spare

Group D

Little Oakley blues   v Cornard Dynamos blues

Layer Colts   v Gt.Bentley blues

Wivenhoe Tempest blues spare

Group E

Halstead Town reds   v Halstead Town yellows

Rowhedge Juniors reds   v Frinton & Walton reds

Holland FC blues spare

Group F

Colchester Villa reds  v Stanway Rovers whites

Stanway Rovers yellows  v Little Oakley reds

Oyster Youth spare

Group G

Stanway Rovers  v Colchester Villa whites

Wivenhoe Town  v Brooklands

Wivenhoe Tempest reds spare

Group H

Lawford Juniors reds  v Cornard Dynamos reds

Elmden Rovers  v FC Clacton reds

Feering Falcons spare

Under 10s Trophy Event 2

Group A

Holland FC blues  v Colchester Villa blues

Brooklands  V Wivenhoe Tempest yellows

FC Clacton blues spare

Group B

Feering Falcons blues   v Eight Ash Green reds

Harwich & Parkeston blues  v Wivenhoe Tempest blues

Brightlingsea Regents blues spare

Group C

Little Oakley blues  v Frinton & Walton blues

FC Clacton yellows  v Stanway Villa reds

Cornard Dynamos blues spare

Group D

Halstead Town  v Gt.Bentley

Bergholt Heath   v Little Oakley reds

Stanway Villa blues spare

Group E

Stanway Villa yellows   v Colchester Athletic

Rowhedge Juniors reds   v FC Clacton reds

Rowhedge Junioirs blues spare

Group F

Wivenhoe Tempest reds   v Stanway Rovers blues

Layer Colts reds   v Layer Colts blues

Coggeshall Town spare

Group G

Eight Ash Green blues   v Reed Hall Sentinels

Frinton & Walton yellows  v Lawford Juniors

Holland FC spare

Group H

Elmden Rovers  v Gas Rec Youth

Stanway Rovers reds   v Cornard Dynamos reds

Group I

Brooklands reds  v Bures Utd

Harwich & Parkeston reds  v Wivenhoe Town

Group J

Feering Falcons reds   v Frinton & Walton reds

Brightlingsea Regents reds  v Colchester Villa reds

Under 11's Trophy Event 2

Group A

Frinton & Walton Blues v Layer Colts

Stanway Villa Reds v Wivenhoe Tempest Reds

Holland FC Blues v Stanway Villa Blues

Group B

Wivenhoe Town v Oyster Youth Blues

Wivenhoe Tempest Blues v Stanway Rovers Blues

Spare St Edmunds

Group C

Colchester Villa Yellows v Little Oakley Blues

Colchester Villa Blues v Notley Youth

Spare Rowhedge Juniors Reds

Group D

Cornard Dynamos Reds v Coggeshall Town

Brightlingsea Regents Blues v Feering Falcons Blues

Spare FC Clacton Reds

Group E

Halstead Town Blues v Holland FC Reds

Long Melford Colts v Feering Falcons Reds

Great Bentley v Boxted Lodgers

Group F

Colchester Villa Reds v Stanway Rovers Reds

Stanway Rovers Yellows v Halstead town Reds

Brightlingsea Regents Reds v FC Clacton Blues

Group G

Frinton & Walton Reds v Reed Hall Sentinals

Lawford Juniors v Little Oakley Reds

Spare Harwich & Parkeston

Under 12's Open Cup

Halstead Town Blues vs Stanway Villa Reds

Layer Colts vs FC Clacton Yellows

Halstead Town Reds vs Stanway Rovers Reds

Great Bentley Blues vs Eight Ash Green Reds

Frinton & Walton vs Holland FC

Little Oakley Blues vs Wivenhoe Tempest Reds

Wivenhoe Tempest Blues vs Little Oakley Reds

FC Clacton Reds vs Cornard Dynamos Blues

Stanway Villa Blues vs Stanway Rovers Blues

Long Melford Colts vs Rowhedge Juniors Blues

Colchester Villa Blues vs FC Clacton Blues

Feering Falcons Reds vs Elmden Rovers

Oyster Youth vs Stanway Rovers Yellow

Feering Falcons Blues vs Cornard Dynamos Yellows

Stanway Villa Whites vs Colchester Villa Reds

The following teams have a bye to the next round;

Rowhedge Juniors Reds and Wivenhoe Tempest Blues

Under 12's A League

Harwich & Parkeston Youth v Wivenhoe Tempest Blues (Re-scheduled


Under 12's B League

Spare Bergholt Heath and Brooklands Blues

Under 12's C League

Reed Hall Sentinals v Rowhedge Juniors Reds (Re-scheduled fixture)

Under 12's D League

Wivenhoe Town v Great Bentley Reds (re-swchedlued fixture)

Brooklands Reds v Cornard Dynamos Reds (re-scheduled fixture)

Under 13s Colchester Open Cup Round 1

Colchester Villa Reds vs Stanway Villa Blues

Halstead Town Yellows vs Halstead Town Blues

Wivenhoe Tempest Blues vs Little Oakley

FC Clacton Reds vs Eight Ash Green Reds

Boxted Lodgers vs Halstead Town Reds

Colchester Villa Blues vs Rowhedge Juniors

FC Clacton Blues vs Frinton & Walton

Under 13s A League

Lawford Juniors Blues v Eight Ash Green Blues [Revised Fixture]

Stanway Villa Reds v Feering Falcons [Revised Fixture]

Under 13s B League

Coggeshall Town Reds v Holland FC

Great Bradfords v Stanway Rovers [Revised Fixture]

Coggeshall Town Blues No Game

Wivenhoe Tempest Reds No Game

Under 13s C League

Lawford Juniors Reds v Parkeston Welfare

Stanway Villa Whites v Cornard Dynamos Reds [Revised Fixture]

Reed Hall Sentinels v Wivenhoe Town

Wivenhoe Tempest Yellows v St Edmunds [Revised Fixture]

Under 14s Andrews Cup round 3

Holland FC   v Stanway Rovers EJA

Stanway Villa blues  v Tilbury Youth

Under 14s A League

Stanway Villa reds  v Harwich & Parkeston blues [revised fixture]

Silver End   v Eight Ash Green blues [revised fixture]

Wivenhoe Town   v Tiptree Jobserve blues

Cornard Dynamos blues no game

Under 14s B League

Halstead Town blues  v Elmden Rovers blues

Lawford Juniors   v Frinton & Walton blues

 Reed Hall Sentinels   v Brightlingsea Regents [revised fixture]

Stanway Rovers reds   v Frinton & Walton reds [revised fixture]

Cornard Dynamos yellows no game

Under 14s C League

Colchester Villa blues   v Wivenhoe Tempest blues

Bergholt Heath   v FC Clacton [revised fixture]

Cornard Dynamos reds   v Tiptree Jobserve reds [revised fixture]

Oyster Youth   v Stanway Villa whites [revised fixture]

Alresford Colne Rangers   v Brooklands [revised fixture]

Under 15s Rosser Cup round 4

Stanway Villa blues   v Elmden Rovers reds

Under 15s A League

Little Oakley   v Stanway Villa reds

Stanway Rovers   v Tiptree Jobserve

Colchester Villa blues   v Coggeshall Town [revised fixture]

Holland FC   V Cornard Dynamos blues [revised fixture]

Braintree Town no game

Under 15s B League

Wivenhoe Tempest  v Eight Ash Green

Frinton & Walton  v Feering Falcons

Colchester Athletic blues  v Stanway Villa yellows

FC Clacton  v Cornard Dynamos reds

Gt.Bentley   v Harwich & Parkeston

Halstead Town reds  v Halstead Town blues

Colchester Athletic reds no game

Under 16s Colchester Open Cup Round 1

Frinton & Walton Blues v Frinton & Walton Reds

Wivenhoe Tempest Yellows v Boxted Lodgers

Halstead Town v Stanway Villa Whites

Holland FC (I&SL) A – W St Edmunds

Cornard Dynamos Blues v Layer Colts

Under 16s A League

Little Oakley v Coggeshall Town [Revised Fixture]

Under 16s B League

Wivenhoe Town v Long Melford

St Edmunds v Great Bentley [Revised Fixture]

Under 18s A League

Gt.Bentley   v Reed Hall Sentinels [revised fixture]

Under 18s B League

Feering Falcons   v Wivenhoe Tempest blues

Halstead Town  v Holland FC