Handbook Changes

2018/2019 Season 

Last Updated 15/1/19

Bergholt Heath

Add CWO details:

Victoria Jackson Mob: 07947 134564

Boxted Lodgers

Club Secretary NEW email:  burt.thomas168@gmail.com 

Fixture Secretary as Club Secretary.


Club Secretary NEW email: bazsim69@yahoo.co.uk 

U8 withdrawn

U10 Yellows withdrawn

U10’s Reds NEW Manager details; Dave Harris Tel: 01206 751497 Mob: 07938 531612 Email:   daveharris.70@hotmail.com 

Colchester Villa

NEW Club Secretary details: Andi Clark, 42 Birch Street, Birch, Colchester, Essex CO2 0ND Mobile: 07787 560954 Email: andi@dwclark-sons.com

U7 Reds Manager details: As U9 Reds

NEW U7 Yellows Manager: Mark Sanderson 07812 347590

U9 Whites Manager Mob: 07908 723030.

New U12 Blues Manager details: Kevin Hames. Mob: 07590 530487 Email: kevin.hames79@gmail.com

Coggeshall Town

U13 – Jack Harrod – remove

U18 withdrawn

Cornard Dynamos

U7 Blues Manager – Richard Hibbert. Tel: 07968 322660 Email: richard@kslsudbury.co.uk

U10 Yellows withdrawn

U13 Blues Manager – Ian Sparkes. Tel: 07860 916878 Email: ian.sparkes333@gmail.com

Elmden Rovers

NEW Fixtures Secretary details from 18/10/18: Daniel Worwood. Mob: 07950 905327 Email: danielworwood@sky.com

U15 Blues withdrawn

U18 withdrawn

Feering Falcons

U15 Manager NEW mobile: 07963 535141.

FC Clacton

U10 should read U10 Reds

NEW Club Fixture Secretary details: Carley Brading
Mob: 07960 342105
email: fcclactonsecretaryyouth@gmail.com

NEW U10 Yellows Manager details: Alfie Flanagan
Mob: 07402 842955
Email: alfie.x.flanagan@googlemail.com

NEW U15 Manager details: Danny Coyle
Mob: 07581 056174

Frinton & Walton

U7 Manager details: Geoff Hardes

Mob: 07801 136896

Gas Recreation

U9 should read U8 Reds

Harwich & Parkeston


Lawford FC

NEW Club Secretary details: Susanne Grimwade Email: lawfordfcsecretary@gmail.com Mob: 07894 834209

U7 Manager New Email: mark.football@btinternet.com

Layer Colts 

NEW Fixture Secretary details: Michelle Richardson Mobile: 07545 568529 Email: fixtures@layercoltsyfc.co.uk

Little Oakley

NEW U8 Reds Manager details: Ben Thornton. Mobile: 07581 417916 Email: benthornton13986@gmail.com

NEW U9 Blues Details: Paul Harris 07789 712705 p.harris18@sky.com

U11 Blues should read U12 Blues (Stuart Henderson)

NEW U12 Reds details: Ross Mallett. Mob: 07853 146309 Email: mallettross@hotmail.com

Long Melford

U12 Manager mob: 07867 493858

From 1st January 2019 NEW Club Secretary, Mrs Emma Upton, 17 Laurel Drive, Long Melford,  CO10 9ER Tel: 01787 378925 Mob: 07950 277331 Email: barbwire.em@googlemail.com

From 1st January 2019 NEW CWO, Ms Carolyn Coombes Tel: 01787 829414 Mob: 07969 204363 Email: carolyncoombes@hotmail.co.uk

Rowhedge Juniors

U10s Blues and Reds Manager details: Matt Vincent. Mob: 07776 134271 Email: fvincent@gmail.com

NEW U12 Blues Manager details; Ivan Snow
Mob:07388 724122
email: Ivan.snow@btinternet.com

Stanway Rovers

U8 Yellows – Peter Jackson – should read U8 Whites

U8s Whites NEW Manager’s details: Kieran Sharma Mob: 07976 498277 Email:  kieransharma@hotmail.co.uk 

U11 Blues Manager email: mikclarke@btinternet.com

U14 Reds Manager email: kieransharma@hotmail.co.uk

Stanway Villa

U8 Blues Manager details: Neil Brooks. Mob: 07515 886835 Email: neilbrks@yahoo.com

U10 Blues Manager Email: nharvey01@sky.com

U10 Reds NEW Mob: 07989 108668

U11 Reds Manager Mob: 07979 852952

U13 Whites Manager Email: a_warnes@yahoo.com

U14 Blues Manager details: Nigel Sheldrake Email: nigel.sheldrake@r-edwards.com Mob: 07525 810241

St Edmunds

U10 withdrawn

U16 Manager Contact Details: Richard Myers can ONLY be contacted via email address as per handbook as both phone numbers are not in use.

Wivenhoe Tempest

U15 Manager mob: 07799 076626

U18 should read U18 Reds (Niall Rudd)

Wivenhoe Town

U10 Manager Mob: 07834 875094

U15 should read U16.